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The City of Fairborn was on a revitalization path and wanted to celebrate with a new festival more on brand for their direction. We created a full festival brand identity and website design to kick off this now annual event.


Branding, Visual Identity system,  Web Design, Web Development


Surprisingly this identity came full circle for us. While in design school, I stumbled across a project called Wood Type Revival, and I was intrigued. I held that mental note in my back pocket and 7 years later, the right project came along for me to use a typeface from their collection. This is a real wood carved typeface that has been preserved and now adapted into this digital brand mark. Only fitting that we were able to bring this to life in that way. Cheers to the makers who care about preserving our history!

If you want your brand’s story to be told in a way that can empower, enlighten and delight your customer base, then Volant is your choice. This design team and their unique expertise consistently surprised, and surpassed all of my expectations.

– Todd Pavlack, Wright State University