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Active Physical Therapy

Active Physical Therapy had a brand identity issue where the target audience did not resonate with their brand. They wanted to attract the crossfit community and needed an identity to work well with that audience. In addition, their brand and organization was scaling and scaling fast. They were ready to take on new regions and expand, so the timing for this transition was pivotal. Tasked with a fresh brand identity our design team brand a solution that represented the client and their offerings while also a modern look that fit’s the audience profile.


Branding, visual identity system


This challenge was about meeting the needs of the client, but also providing a positive gut reaction to all of their audiences. We worked closely with the client through many rounds of revisions to ensure our visions aligned on our design solution.

If you want your brand’s story to be told in a way that can empower, enlighten and delight your customer base, then Volant is your choice. This design team and their unique expertise consistently surprised, and surpassed all of my expectations.

– Todd Pavlack, Wright State University