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We’ve been in your shoes. Our leadership has been client side, and our creative team has deep experience in almost every vertical industry. Whatever you’re thinking, we can relate. Learn more about us.



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So many questions, such little time. Let’s break it down.


relating to or characterized by flight.


Why the name Volant?

We started Volant from an intense need to do great work for clients and follow through on what we say we will do. Our priority will always be: Work hard and be nice to people.
What’s in a name?
The name Volant is a nod to the aviation history of Dayton, as well as the incredible support the community has leant us in our own flight forward.


What inspires you to do great work?

Our backgrounds are complex and unique, allowing our leadership team to experiment in other industries prior to our careers in commercial art. This experience helps us bring projects into perspective and to truly understand client needs. We like making beautiful things, but we love making a difference more.

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What type of clients do we work with?

We value ourselves and our clients. We work with clients who have realistic expectations and budgets. In past lives, we worked for agencies that believed it was acceptable to say yes to everything. Simply put, we disagree. We can’t say yes to everything, but we will work with anyone who sees the value of design in meeting their end goals.


We don’t offer all the services you need, why still work with us?

You can’t claim yourself an expert if you offer everything. We strive to do the very best work we can within our specialty. There may come a time when we don’t offer something that you need. That’s ok. We are great at partnering with other firms to fill the void and match you with the expert you need. We will help you find the partner you deserve.

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What can we expect working with Volant?

Transparency, simply put. You will be a part of our total process. Your end product has to reflect your true need, and if we can’t communicate properly then no one wins. We create long standing relationships built on doing great work for amazing people.

We’re doing great work right now.

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